Confessions of a Logophile

Logophile: (noun) a lover of words

Hi and welcome to 'Confessions of a Logophile'.  The site is dedicated, not only to my love of words, but also the ways I put them to good use.  At least I hope I do.  I write, I rant and I invite you to do the same. Visit my blog and post poems, thoughts, dreams and wild ambitions there.  Check out my 'Word of the Week', to increase the weird and wonderful in your vocabulary.  See if you can use them in a sentence or better yet a poem!  Oh, and send any unique words you know my way.  Read 'Book Jabber' where I chat about the books I enjoy and want to share with you. E-mail or blog suggestions of books you want to share with me.  Enjoy, read and write!